About Us

Based near Kingston-Upon-Thames, we are a recreational scuba diving members club. We offer safe and relaxed scuba diver training and organise diving activities for our members on a not for profit basis. Have a look at the film below or visit our pages to learn more about what we can offer you.

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Want to know more…

We regularly dive all around the UK and organise holidays abroad as well.

In house training is offered for complete beginners through to instructors and specialist courses.

Last year we had 90 members, they are the life-blood of our club. Our members have a varied range of qualifications and interests, so whatever type of diving you are into, it can be pursued in our club!

Our membership year runs for 12 months from April each year. For those joining part way through a membership year, naturally subscription fees are prorata.

We are previous winners of the British Sub-Aqua Club’s most prestigious award – “The Heinke Trophy” – recognition that we do more in the interest of our members than any other club.
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