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New Web Site

Welcome to our new web site. The new format is mobile and tablet compatible as well. You will see that the front page and initial page menu is aimed at attracting new members and getting them to contact us. The “Members

BBCs “Oceans”

Members might want to set their video recorders for “Oceans” starting on 12th November. Oceans is a series that reveals the hidden stories of the deep. Over a year a team of four marine experts has voyaged across the globe to explore

The insider’s guide to Plymouth’s greatest dives

Everyone has their own idea about the perfect local dive site, so we asked members of Plymouth Sound BSAC to nominate their top ten. Has anyone ever thought of producing a pack of Top Trumps for UK wrecks? Good idea,

Diver finds shotgun in Suffolk river

A diver recovered a sawn-off shotgun on a river bed during a volunteer clean-up in Ipswich. That’s nothing — I remember when Rob Lea found a ladies erm “adult” entertainment device on our dive in Plymouth. Bringing it onto the

British Beasts: Topshells

Topshells are so called because the conical shape of these sea snails typically resembles an old-fashioned spinning top. (Visit DIVE to read more)

Two BSAC launches

BSAC has just rolled-out a new, consolidated, website and a course aimed at converting warm-water divers to the delights of UK diving. ###New website BSAC has just launched a completely re-designed website. New features include. * The ability to check

Divers Discover HMS London in the Thames, England

A salvage operation carried out in the river Thames has discovered seven shipwrecks, the oldest being the HMS London which sank in 1665. These are just seven of the estimated 1,100 ships to have found their end on the floor

Divers solve Bracklesham Bay Mystery

A team of divers from Southsea SAC has finally solved the mystery of how Second World War armoured vehicles and a field gun ended up 13km off the south coast. (Visit Dive Magazine to read more)

Lost part of D-Day Landing Fleet Found in English Channel

Scuba divers have discovered two Centaur CS IV tanks complete with their heavy guns eight miles off the West Sussex coastline. Alison Mayor, a diving instructor,has been involved in more than eighty dives to the site and done researched archives

Scorpionfish makes a Splash-in

Bristol-based Helen Wehner has been named Best British Underwater Photographer at the 2008 British Splash-In Championship at the Mount Batten Centre in Plymouth. Lovely photos. (Visit DIVE to read more)