Dinner Dance Safari Style

On Saturday 25th November over 80 members and associates of Kingston and Elmbridge Scuba Club partied the night away at the Chessington World of Adventures Safari Lodge.

The night was full of fun and frolics, beautiful dresses and smart evening wear; so much so that at times I found it hard to recognise members dressed so smartly without their “tale tale” Mares branded mask, or black stealth rubber gear, or white fins and groovy head bandannas!

Jacqui and her team had done a sterling job arranging the whole evening, even down to each table having themes of famous sunken wrecks.  (I think there were even a few drunken wrecks at the end of the night too 😉 ) 

The three course meal with coffees, mints, lots of wine and a big Ferrero Rocher table decoration on each table was fantastic.  The DJ I think got out of the 1960s a few times, and into the 70s, maybe 80s, but the main thing was everyone merrily bopped away until midnight.  The photobooth was another great success…some of the photos are below.  (anyone want their photo removing from evidence please let me know!)

One of the main reasons we come together is to recognise those standing amongst us who have put a lot into the club over the years or screwed up big style.  We cover both ends of the spectrum with our awards so no one can truly feel missed out or inadequate about their diving knowing that someone screwed up bigger than anyone else in the last year.  (Winner’s table below) 😉

However, very much on the winner side and someone who received a special prize for longest service to the club was Welfare Officer Shirley Deluce with 40 years continued involvement in the club.  Not only has Shirley been involved in the club as long as I have been alive (had to get that in), but she has been a real encouragement to newbies like myself coming through, organising try dives and holidays to Portland as well as abroad with her husband Brian.  Thank you Shirley!


Photos from the night…

KESAC Dinner Dance 008
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So to our list of winners:


Trophy \ Awards What It’s For 2017 Winner
Marion Trophy Done Most for The Club In 2017 Jackie Maskell
Chairman Cup Most Help to Chairman In 2017 Paul Eyden
Best Trainee Years Progress Dave Miller
Wooden Spoon Hywel’s 1st Open Water Dive Tony Porter
Most Time\Days Diving This Year 2017 Amount of Diving (Dive Officer) Len Hards
Best Wreck Photo Best UK \ Overseas Dive Photo 2017 Lucy Evans
Best Social Photo Best Photo at Club Or On Holidays\Trips No Entries
Best Sea Life Best Photo Underwater Lucy Evans
Jeff Betts Trophy Best Presented Find Dave Tresidder
John Parker Trophy Best Underwater Find Dave Tresidder
Crawley Cup Best Crustacean No Entries
Life Saver Sea Life Saver No Entries
Best Underwater Video Overseas or UK Dave Tresidder
Presentations \ Flowers Bar Long Service Eileen
40 Years Service to The Club Welfare Officer Shirley Deluce

Kingston and Elmbridge – New Malden Centre Open Day

Kingston and Elmbridge Sub Aqua Club will have a stall at the Malden Centre open day this Saturday 25th November.

It’s our chance to show people why Scuba Diving is an amazing sport and why we keep coming back for more.

We are looking for more club members to book a slot during the day to pass on your experiences and enthuse others to come have a try dive and then if would like to move on to learning.

Please contact Brian on  07930 148 498

And for those who are not yet members or don’t know how to Scuba Dive but would like to know more…..then we look forward to seeing you down at the Malden Centre on Saturday. 

All your diving related questions will be answered including any of the following:

  • How long can you stay down for?
  • What happens if I need the toilet when underwater? – answers depends very much on what you are wearing!
  • How deep can I go?
  • What about sharks?
  • Where’s the best places in the world to dive?  You might find some places closer than you think
  • How much does it cost to learn?
  • Is BSAC the most cost effective use of my time and money learning to dive?  Or should I use up all my exotic holiday that I spent a fortune on learning to dive instead of learning to diving before I go?  
  • Do you provide all the kit while I am learning to dive?
  • Who is the best diving organisation to learn to dive with that is recognised world wide? (Slight bias maybe expressed) 😉
  • I already know how to dive, can I join your club?
  • Do you provide other courses like boat handling, rescue training, VHF radio training, compressor training, first aid and more?
  • What trips abroad do you go on?
  • What’s it like diving in the UK?
  • Do you have your own boat that costs me only the price of the fuel to go on each diving trip? (Ed. Cost me £7.50 last time)
  • Do you have club house that I can hire for a party free of charge as a club member?
  • Do you have your own bar with cheap club prices?
  • Do you have fun?
  • Do you see stuff that most people won’t see in their whole entire lives?
  • I am bored of the same things day in day out and want some adventure, will SCUBA diving provide me this?


Vobster Training Weekend

Our last sheltered water training* Weekend of the season held at Vobster on Saturday was a another great day the weather was quite good to us apart from a few down pours.

Big thank you to Paul F, Len, and  Martin L for giving up there time to come along and train the students.

Well done to Ian A and Lucy on their Dive Leader training, well done to Jon P on his Sports Diver training well done to Hywel on your Ocean Diver training.

It was nice to see other faces there just coming along for a dive and a good laugh.

Best Regards,


Training Officer


Ed:  *We are still holding pool training sessions over the winter months for anyone interested in gaining their Ocean and Sports Diver qualifications.  Contact us if you want to learn to dive, brush up on skills, transfer over from another SCUBA body.

Free Try Dive Vouchers Available

As the festive season fast approaches there will be lots of schools, colleges, universities, churches, clubs and workplace Christmas parties taking place.

Kingston and Elmbridge Sub Aqua Club are offering a limited number of Try Dive Vouchers, usually valued £10, FOR FREE; to be used as prizes in raffles, fairs, fund raisers, or as prizes in recognition of great work or feat achieved in the workplace, community or club.

The Try Dives can be organised whenever suits the winner with our President and Try Dive Coordinator Brian Deluce and whose contact details are on the vouchers. 

The Try Dives themselves will take place at The Malden Centre Swimming Pool, Surrey, on a Thursday night starting 8pm.   The voucher also entitles the bearer to 1 free drink back at the Club House  not far from the pool after the Try Dive.

Try Dives are open to anyone from the age of 12 years and above, however for younger winners that does depend on their physical size and if able to fit into the kit needed.  Any under 16’s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

To find out more of how you can get a voucher for your event or prize giving contact us on 07530 714353 or email:  kingstonsac@outlook.com

Notice of Annual General Meeting of Kingston and Elmbridge Sub Aqua Club

Notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Kingston and Elmbridge Branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club

The Branch Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place on Thursday 30th November 2017 at 21.30 for the following purposes:

  1. The presentation of the Minutes of the Previous Annual General Meeting held on 24th November 2016.
  2. The appointment of Tellers for any vote by show of hands that may be required.
  3. The Chairman’s Report.
  4. The Diving Officer’s Report.
  5. The Membership Secretary’s Report.
  6. The Treasurer’s Report, the presentation and adoption, if approved, of the audited accounts and balance sheet for financial year to end September 2017 and the appointment of independent person(s) as reviewer(s).
  7. Presentation of trophies.
  8. Britvic – 2nd Club RIB – options a) Do nothing b) Start to use the vessel or c) Sell the vessel.
  9. Election of Officers of the Branch and the Committee Members.
  10. Consideration of Any Other Business as the Chairman of the meeting may select, to have been notified to the Branch Secretary at least 7 days prior to the meeting.

The AGM will be held at the Clubhouse, King George V Car Park, Queen Mary Close (off Hook Rise South), Tolworth, Surrey.

Paul Eyden

Branch Secretary

Here is the link to official notice.

Free Trial SCUBA Dive and a Free Pint!

Come and try your hand at SCUBA diving for free! You will get a one to one trial with a qualified instructor in New Malden swimming pool on the evening of Thursday 23rd November. Come to our club house afterwards for a free drink as well and to discuss the training and diving experiences we can offer you. Places are limited so book yours here. Minimum age to participate is 16.

We are a not for profit recreational SCUBA diving club affiliated to the British Sub-Aqua Club. We offer internationally recognised training to all levels, have our own boats, compressors, equipment and club house with a fully licenced bar. We are looking for new members and the free 15 minute try dive is offered on the basis that you will come and talk to us about what membership of our club has to offer you. No pressure, we promise, we just love SCUBA diving and we think you will as well, so we want you to come and see what we are all about as we need more like minded members. To make it even more attractive, we will offer you a free drink at our club house in Tolworth. You will need to provide your own transport from New Malden to Tolworth (soft drinks only for under 18’s). Free trial dives are offered on a first come, first served basis. We look forward to meeting you. For further details email kingstonsac@outlook.com or call 07530 714353.

Stoney Cove Training Weekend

Elaine Porter reports:

Once again another great training weekend  lots of laughs and banter topped of with the usual Curry night.

Many thanks to Tony, Len, Martin, Jackie and Brian for giving up there time to train or help out with students.

Many thanks to Jon P, Hywel, Michael and Jay  for all your effort you all did great with your training.

Thank you to Paul for coming up – good news the Dry suit held no getting wet this time.

Photos by Jackie ‘Bailey’ Maskell:

Where’s Wally 😉 There’s always one…

Len the Don, Outback Paul from Aus, John Phelps (no relation to Michael), Martin of Arabia, Hywel of the Valleys (not the TV show), East End Tony and the Gorgeous and Most Fabulous Elaine our Training Officer…Jackie is also Gorgeous and Most Fabulous, but taking the photos.

“Mini” Len and “Giant” Paul – you got to love perspective, makes my job naming these so much more fun! #Oompa Loompa doompadee doo

G’day! Paul – how was the “land down under” the water in Stoney…boom boom…get it! It’s got to be up there with the Great Barrier Reef surely!

#Put your right foot in, your right foot….sploosh…it all about!

“I say old boy, you need more weight to get you down…you seem to be stuck on the surface…that would never do!”

Checklist – Suit Zipped Up, Check, Gloves, Check, Wooden Spoon In the Bag, Check, Hoods, Che..

Positively Sunny!

Thanks and Note from the  Editor:

Kingston and Elmbridge Sub Aqua club prides itself on it’s continual training and learning programme that not only encourages growth within our club, but also builds confidence for individuals in their own abilities.

As a club we are thankful for having such a good band of qualified volunteered trainers in the club who regularly give up their time and money investing in the future of Scuba Diving in the UK.

If you are interested in learning to SCUBA dive, but don’t know how or where to start and want to know more, even have a try dive to see if it is for you, then please contact us via this website or through our Facebook page.


Medas 2017

A video from the 2017 club trip to the Medas Islands, Spain. Enjoy!


Great British Bank Holiday “Boil in a Bag” Bake Off

Some trip photos sent in by Brian Maskell from one of the diving trips out of Newhaven this weekend.

Brian reports that “six members went diving out of Newhaven on the club’s RIB, Sea King; successfully diving the Lancer 2 wreck, which sits at 28 meters.   The Sea was flat calm and the sky’s was blue.    Me (Brian Maskell), Len Hards, Ian Angus, John Phelps, Alan Fox and Paul Feakes. Vis was roughly 1 to 2 meters but still good fun.  It gave Len a chance to try out his new torch.”​ (ED. Yes, well spotted…Len could have just as easily locked himself in a dark room and turned his torch on and off a few times, but where’s the fun in that?….we are Kingston and Elmbridge like any excuse to go diving)

Thanks Brian for sending in the photos:

Who let Robert De Niro Drive the Boat!

Always good to see confidence as to where to fit bits and bobs

It was so hot that Alan charred black in this photo due to his boil in a bag dry suit

Paul where is your left hand? No wonder Brian Maskell is smiling. (I see we had to blur Brian’s side of the photo to shield us from such beauty!)

Del Boy!

Alan looking all Fast and Furious!

Len – Club Chairman and bearer of the lamp!


One Fine Day in August

We’ve had some very mixed weather this summer but on Sunday 13th the sun was shining, the winds had dropped so the sea was near flat calm and we took the club RIB, Sea King, out for a dive at Newhaven.

T R Thompson

T R Thompson

With just four of us – Dave T, Richard, Lucy and myself, Jonathan – the boat was prepared with great efficiency, sets loaded, the RIB launched and having notified the coastguard of our dive plan we got permission from Newhaven Harbour and were on our way. Just 30 minutes later we arrived in good time for slack water at the TR Thompson, where Dave effortlessly shot the wreck (making it look so easy) and we waited for the last of the tide to stop running. Another RIB arrived, also with four divers aboard, and we agreed they could use our shot line.


We dived in two waves, Dave and Jonathan in as the first pair, and having descended we checked the position of the shot and clipped on a lifting bag to aid it’s later recovery. Whilst the surface was near-perfect conditions the underwater visibility had been affected by the earlier deluge of rain midweek, followed by strong winds, but even so the 19C temperature at 32m depth and 4m vis was more than acceptable, albeit not a “Go Pro moment”. But if you want to see footage of the wreck check out our website post when we last dived the TR Thompson on 9th July.

T R Thompson

T R Thompson

The shot was towards the stern and we made our way around the rudder, the more observant noticed the spare propeller on the deck, and then headed over the exposed parts of the engine to the massive boilers. Fish life was abundant, with plenty of bib and some large pollack quite happy with us swimming through them. We also saw some of the usual wreck inhabitants: edible crabs, lobsters and a conger (all fingers were kept safe on this dive)!

Without a nitrox fill my deco time was beginning to clock up after only 25 minutes, and as we also had a second wave of divers to consider, it was time ascend. Richard and Lucy followed us in, Lucy having the opportunity to show some of the dive leader skills she’d practiced just the day before at the club’s Vobster training day.

On the surface I got to drive the boat, practising some slow speed manoeuvres and diver pick-up under close instruction from Dave, it being both some time since my Boat Handling course and the last time I’d been on the RIB and able to drive it. Then with the clock against us to head back and get the boat out of the water before the marina shut, I also enjoyed taking us in at faster pace, learning how to follow in behind another RIB to give us flat water, or steering well outside their wake to ensure a more efficient (something to do with avoiding cavitation) and comfortable ride! Again, a group effort got everything washed and stowed before the marina closed it’s gates and we headed home.

I haven’t been on the RIB for a few years, and maybe it was only having four divers and twinsets on board (plus the stage cylinder Richard never goes anywhere without), but there was none of the faff I remember or hassle getting into a twinset balanced on the tubes whilst kitting up. Or maybe the fine weather, a good dive, a fantastic experience driving the boat and only £8 cost for the fuel all added up to a great afternoon and a positive memory!

Thanks to Dave for organising the day and sorting all the “boat bits”, plus fellow divers Lucy and Richard for making up a four and allowing the dive to happen.

Thank you Jonathan Markwell for a great trip write up.  

Kingston and Elmbridge BSAC always have dive trips going on either on our own Sea King RIB, out of Newhaven, or charter boats (here and abroad) throughout the diving season.  Please get in touch to find out more.  

If you also want to learn to dive and not fork out a fortune on holiday and learn at your own speed then we have lots of Ocean, Sports and Dive Leader training going on at the moment as well as other extra adhoc courses on topics such as compressor training, dive boat and cox training, first aid, rescue management….  

Contact us via our website or via our Facebook Page