Char-grilled Squid & prawn Platter

(Serves 4)

I’m a wreck-diver through and through. And, for someone like me this is the best thing you can do with a squid and some prawns. Eat them. Stop them cluttering up the sea floor!

You need

  1. Twelve large whole raw prawns
  2. One prepared large squid
  3. Three tablespoons of olive oil
  4. One chilli, chopped
  5. A small handful of chopped oregano
  6. One clove of garlic, chopped


Split the squid body along one side with a sharp knife, score the inside with a tiny criss-cross hatched effect by cutting diagonally in two directions

Marinate in olive oil, chilli, garlic and chopped oregano

Char-grill the prawns for one minute on each side, then char-grill the squid on both sides for 45 seconds on a very hot griddle.

Serve with a Salsa Verde, dressed rocket leaves and frites!