Life insurance bomb

Having recently bought a new house together, Sarah and I needed to take out life insurance. This proved a bit more that we expected…

Both of us are keen divers and dive regularly to 35 metres both in the UK and on holiday.We were somewhat surprised to find that because of our diving activity there was only a handful of insurance companies would consider offering us cover, and out of those that would, there was a hefty 40 percent hike in the cost of insurance when compared to the same policy when quoted for a non-diver.

This is bad luck for us, because if we had taken out an insurance policy at any time before we had it in our minds to take-up diving,we would not be subsequently be required to inform our insurers, and would therefore not face this higher premium.

If any divers out there with an existing life insurance policy find that they need to re-insure or adjust their policy in any way, they may also be required to complete a メdangerous sportsモ declaration form, and like us, fall victim to a significant hike in their premiums. If this isn’t done, they would risk falling outside the terms of their policy and give their insurer a way to wiggle out of coughing-up should they ever need to make a claim.

In our case, this cost difference works out to a whopping £780 a year!

Diving just got a whole lot more expensive.

One comment on “Life insurance bomb
  1. Chris James-Roll says:

    This is an issue close to my heart as a diver and an Independent Financial Adviser. If anyone has difficultly in obtaining cover please let me know and I should be able to help.