Fishing & Diving in Littleton Pit

This is just a note to warn you about the potential hazards of fishing hooks and lines at Littleton.

One of our divers recently found a fishing lure, about 170 mm long incorporating a large hook in it, snagged on one of the underwater guide ropes in the diving lagoon. It was still bright and shiny so had not been down there long. Fortunately the viz was very good at the time and he saw it before it hooked him, as this size of hook would cause a nasty flesh wound or a punctured suit. It is possible to imagine worse scenarios.

I have been aware for some time that fishermen use the lagoon when we are not diving, and I have taken a relaxed view about it as the Lake is a shared facility. However, in view of the above I have asked them to stop. The rules are quite simple – no fishing in the diving lagoon and no diving outside of it. If you catch anyone fishing there please ask for their names and request that they cease fishing. Please pass the names on to me and I will take the matter up with their bailiff.


Grahame Walker
Diving Liaison Officer