Life saving with K&E

When asked if I would like to take part in the BSAC life saving award scheme, I thought, why not?
You never know when you may need the skills you learn.

I added my name to the list along with others, including Sandra D and Stella. We turned up at the pool on Thursday night rearing to go.

There are different elements, rope throwing, swimming, snorkel and diving rescue and finally a theory exam. All the elements were covered over a few weeks in the pool.

Of course, us girls managed very well with the rope throwing. Well, that is if you count attaching the rope to the ceiling or tying each other up on more than one occasion!

After several weeks of practice in the pool we were ready to take the exam. We arranged the examiners to come along on the 1st of December. We were all ready!

Split into two groups, we started with the throwing element. All those hours of throwing the ropes at the ceiling finally paid off. We followed with the diving rescue, which consisted of a controlled buoyant lift, two lengths of the pool giving artificial ventilation (AV) and de-kitting your casualty. Next up was the snorkel rescue, a length and a half swim of the pool and the tow your casualty to the side and assist with their exit, next followed the swimming rescue, once a again a length of the pool and towing your casualty whilst giving AV. And last but no means least, we have to do the メKeepy Up-yモ Which means that you have to keep your casualties head above water whilst you are treading water, not for the faint hearted! We all passed our water element of the exam, now just for the theory. Once all changed, it was back to the clubhouse for our theory exams.

A series of multiple choice questions, then on to the resussi annies and we were all home free.

All agreed that this was a good skill development course to do and that it helped with keeping our rescue skills all up to date.

Congratulations to the following members who passed their life saving exams ミ Sandra Donovan, Stella Harrison, Graham Evans, John Fowles, John Parish, Rob Lea and Myself. Thank you to Dave Tresidder, Brian Deluce and Neil Martin for their help with instructing and getting us through our exams.

If you are interested in taking a lifesaving exam, please let me know as there are dates planned for 2006.