Austin Powers Night – Oh Behave we did not!

Last month we organised an Austin Powers themed party at the clubhouse, which was attended by around 70 guests – a real success story thanks to a great team effort from club members and organisers.

The party made the local press (Click for a larger image)

Katy Randles a.k.a. Agent Vanessa Kensington commented: “The party was groovy baby and club members had a fantastic evening fuelled by the cracking cocktails, dancing, and music courtesy of our fantastic DJ.

Ticket sales (」300), went to the Kingston Can Appeal with the bar profit going towards a club air compressor project. I hope that this will inspire other members to put on similar events – I certainly plan to organise another one soon.”

Our guests went to town on the outfits resulting in two Austins, two Agent Kensingtons, John Lennon and various hippies propping up the bar and dancing to the funky tunes. The clubhouse was temporarily transformed into Austin Powers’ den for the night – with all the colourful characters straight out of the film, grooving away and raising a fantastic sum for K&E sub aqua club and Kingston Can Appeal, whilst enjoying themselves immensely. Champagne flowed for best dressed party-goers with Gill Champion winning grooviest chick and John Rapley being judged coolest dude.

Thanks must go to: – our DJ, all the bar staff volunteers including Rosie McKimmie our cocktail shaker, Rob Lea for the brilliant posters, Gill Champion for the excellent food, Julie Topp for setting up the den, Ann Randles for being our make-up artist and Dave Beadling and John Parrish for stepping in as international men of mystery for the photocalls.

There were three local newspaper articles with photos in total ミ two in the Kingston Guardian and one page three article in the Surrey Comet, as well as a notice on BSAC’s website advertising the party, further raising the club’s profile.

Alex – lost for words (Click for a larger image)

Fancy posters! (Click for a larger image)

John – the most fancy dresser (Click for a larger image)

Very fancy dress (Click for a larger image)

Katy and Dave (Click for a larger image)

Brett Lennon (Click for a larger image)

Len chills out behind the bar (Click for a larger image)