The Dive Season Starts Badly

The dive season is getting off to a bad start. Over the easter weekend there have been 3 fatalities around the UK.

This is unusually high. As normal the small numbers make it impossible to draw any conclusions, this news does however come as a timely reminder of the risks of the beginning of the dive season and the need to act appropriately.

As a simple reminder:

  1. Make sure your kit and in particular your regulators are serviced.
  2. Build up your diving slowly introducing new kit gradually and building up your depths and dive difficulties over several days of diving.
  3. Remember the water is cold
  4. Refresh your skills in the pool and try out all new equipment there as well, ask for the assistance of an instructor!

Keep safe

2 comments on “The Dive Season Starts Badly
  1. Joanne Eaton says:

    Steve Collard has offered to put together a short talk regarding rebreathers, I will liaise with Steve again to see when he is free to do a “show and tell” about rebreather. Thanks Jo

  2. Katy Randles says:

    So how many of these were rebreather divers?

    I was talking to another club member recently and we wondered whether it would be a good idea to have a talk about rebreathers and how they work ミ Also how open circuit divers can assist a rebreather diver in trouble.

    What do you think?