The diving-rich list gets longer!

Well done to the following people who attended the Nitrox course at the club house on the 20th May. They are now qualified to use Nitrox to make their diving safer…

  • Christine Corner
  • Jackie Maskell
  • Brian Maskell
  • Sandra Argent
  • Bobby Woodrow
  • Alex Woodrow
  • John Parrish
  • Tamsin Bailey
  • Jonathan Treleaven
  • Mark Cockran
  • Julie Topp

The next nitrox course to be held at the club will be 16th September, if you are interested, please see Jo, the Training Officer.

One comment on “The diving-rich list gets longer!
  1. Gren says:

    Good stuff!
    In my opinion all new Sports divers should consider this qualification as it offers either extra safety or longer no-stop bottom times in the 30M range. Costs a little bit more for a fill, and cylinders need more regular testing though. But I reckon it’s worth it.