Dinner Dance Awards

One of the things that goes on at the upcoming dinner-dance (apart from eating and dancing) is the time honoured tradition of awarding all the club trophies.

New members may not be aware of this, so here is an article written by Rachel Sharp for an earlier incarnation of “OK” to give a you bit of background…

Rachel writes…

As the diving season and new club year gets underway I would like everyone to bear in mind that they, or their buddies are possible candidates for some of the various awards that the club bestows.

The time honoured tradition of awarding all the trophies at the Dinner Dance as been revived. So if you think you have won something or one of your friends might of, please join us for the night. As a novice, I used to go to see if I had won anything, and to find out who had won the Wooden Spoon. Much to my shock one year it was me! Mind you there are some very prestigious names on it.

The trophies are open to all, so let’s have some competition this year. Most are decided by the committee, so you need to let them know or nominate your friends. I think it will be clear what to do once you have read the details.

If you like shellfish and do occasionally battle with crab, lobster, or crayfish, and occasionally win don’t forget to get it weighed and witnessed. It can then be entered for the CRAWLEY CUP. The winner is the person whose find weighs the most ミ Don’t forget people bring things up, but forget to weigh them, so you never know…

If you like taking pictures, then we have three trophies to enter for. Please bring some photos to be judged at the Club. The way this is done, is that we show them on projector and those viewing vote for the best photo which receives the UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR, the best group of photos which receives the UNDERWATER PORTFOLIO, and the best photo taken in UK waters the UK WATERS TROPHY. This is usually done the Thursday before the Dinner Dance.

We need more people to enter these competitions with colour or black and white, preferably in slide format, although we will probably need to find a way to show the digital photos as well ( just let the person organising the viewing know the format and we will see what can be done). Please consider your photos even if you do not thing they are brilliant. Apart from anything else it gives us a chance to see some of the work you have done.

We have two trophies presented by Bill Woodhams. These are the RIVER RACE TROPHIES, presented to the male and female winner of the River Race. This race was swam in snorkel gear from Hampton Court Bridge to Kingston Bridge, it was stopped when too many people started getting ill afterwards. The Committee tried to start this again, but in Littleton Pit. Unfortunately there was little interest.

To win the next trophy someone needs to be rescued, so please try not to help someone else win it. THE LIFESAVING TROPHY. However someone saves a life, please nominate them.

There is a trophy for the new trainees each year called funnily enough THE TRAINEE OF THE YEAR TROPHY. Basically if you progress in your skills well, overcome something such as real fears, adverse situations, learn to swim (it happened once), or are committed to the Club by helping at work days, events, throwing yourself into the committee or anything else that makes you stand out then you might be nominated.

We have a trophy for the best underwater find (mermaid’s or bikini clad young ladies excluded). It is the JEFF BETTS TROPHY. This was donated in memory of Jeff Betts a former member who was very active and loved finding brass down there. Obviously the climate has changed, and we do need to declare any finds to the receiver of wrecks. So please enter anything you have brought up, but declare it first. If you are not sure how to do this then please ask a committee member or myself ミ By the way one year it was won for a full tool kit that was found, so do try.

THE JOHN PARKER TROPHY is also for an underwater find; this was donated by John Parker, who was the Chairman at the time. He noticed that some divers were bring up small finds which could not compete for the Jeff Betts Trophy, also some were making clocks with shells (brass) brought up etc. He wanted to address the balance, so this trophy is for the best presented find. So it can be for anything that you then present well. In recent years since there has been no real competition, anything that did not win the Jeff Bett’s Trophy is entered, but that was not the original idea. So let’s give them a run for their money let’s be imaginative!..

Each year we have the plunge competitions and anyone can enter. This is a very old sport, and involves a shallow dive from the deep end and remaining totally still until you sink, stop or run out of breath. The length of your dive is then measured. It is great fun even if you do not win. This is run a few weeks before the Dinner Dance and is usually at New Malden, although if we have enough interest, then it can also be run at Walton. Who ever wins receives THE MALE AND FEMALE PLUNGE TROPHIES

THE LADY DIVER OF THE YEAR was donated by Ivy Woodhams as she felt that the men were dominating the trophies (in those days there were a lot fewer lady divers). It is given to the lady who has shone the most during the year. This could be in achievements in diving or giving to the Club, or anything else, again judged by the Committee.

A new trophy last year is THE LOGBOOK TROPHY; this is given to the person who has logged the most hours underwater in the year. So the Dive Marshals need to fill in their log sheets, and give them to the Diving Officer.

THE MARION TROPHY is our best trophy and is for the person who has done the most for the Club, usually over a period of time, but sometimes the work put in is outstanding even just over one year. So the more we give to the Club, the more possible it is to win this trophy.

THE WOODEN SPOON is our last trophy and is given for the best cock up or series of cock ups for the year. So on this occasion please do rat on you fellow divers, and nominate people to a Committee Member in writing, so it is not forgotten for later in the year.