Dive trips and deposits

Running dive trips and holidays for the benefit of club members requires a great deal of effort by those involved.

There are inevitably always times where people have to drop-out. But, there seems to me to be an overall increase in cancellations this year over and above normal. I would like to draw attention to the club’s rules regarding the commitment made when signing-up for a dive trip or holiday:

The small print on the club’s dive sign-up sheet reads like this.

“As the undersigned I understand that it is my responsibility to find a suitably qualified replacement should I be unable to attend this dive trip for any reason. A suitably qualified person will be agreed by the Dive Organizer but is likely to be someone with the same BSAC qualification (or above) and roughly the same number of dives and experience as myself (or above). Should a suitable replacement not be found, and then I understand that I am responsible for paying any costs that result from me not attending and a replacement not being found. These costs will be limited to a maximum of the full cost that I would have had to pay had I attended the trip. Deposits are only refundable if a suitable replacement is found. Please don’t sign on behalf of others.”

In short, members should not add their name to a dive trip unless they accept that they will (at least) lose their deposit.

So, before you add your name to any trip or holiday, please check your diary and expect to pay your deposit to the organiser.