Paintball – 12th November

Calling all Rambos, Arnies and err Lara crofts!

Steve Ilsley is putting together a paintball day for Sunday November 12th which fits in nicely with the end of the dive season for most of us….

He have only done this once before but had a great time, it really doesn’t matter whether you are a crack shot or have never picked up a (paint) gun before as the day is more of a social get together anyway.

Steve has chosen Campaign paintball as the venue, it’s pretty close to the dive club. 2 miles from J10 on the M25.

The cost for the day package (9am -4pm) is only 」37.50 which includes a BBQ lunch, 500 paintballs and around 10 game scenarios depending on how quickly we can get through them.

The bonus is that if we can get together at least 25 recruits then we can have the games to ourselves, anything less and we would be playing against other teams.

Either way its still great fun. More info is on their website below. Oh and maybe the final clincher for some is that there is a local pub 500 yards from the venue for post paintball boasts,stories and whinges!!

Click here to visit the paintball site