FREE Nitrox course

You may be aware that BSAC are actively promoting the use of Nitrox for all divers and South East Region are running a Nitrox workshop (all done in one evening) providing FREE instruction to all Ocean and Sports Divers to qualify them to use Nitrox.

Anyone starting an Ocean or Sport syllabus will do this as standard so it’s mainstream now

Those who have equivalent qualifications e.g. PADI Open Water can also attend – basically everyone can attend unless they have not started their theory lessons for that grade yet as Nitrox instruction will be included in them (no point in duplicating).

You will have to wait until you get your Sports or Ocean Qualification though before they can use the gas as below.

For Ocean Divers the workshop is a single theory lesson and exam qualifying them to use 32% or 36% to 20m but plan using Air tables or Computer. i.e you are using Nitrox for safety rather than extending your dive time

For Sports Divers they need to sit the Ocean Diver elements then do an extra lesson and exam. This qualifies them to use anything up to 36% for decompression dives using BSAC Nitrox Tables or a Nitrox Computer thus extending dive time compared to diving on air.

To use the gas you will need a photo qualification card which costs £15. Most fill stations will not sell you Nitrox unless you show them the card.

I thoroughly recommend you get qualified to use Nitrox, even if you plan to use it once a year on holiday

The course is free – why not do it? You know it makes sense. Now that you are all eager, book your space on Tuesday 30th January at the club, time TBA