Uncle Al’s spiced lime pickle!

Makes approximately nine pints of hot pickle – Try this if you dare!

## You will need

* 16 limes (or lemons if you prefer)
* 4 tbs salt
* 2 tbs crushed dried chillies
* 1 tbs of black pepper
* 2 tbs minced garlic
* 1 tbs ginger powder
* 2 tbs roasted yellow mustard seed
* 1 tbs roasted and finely ground fenugreek
* 1.5 pints of good olive oil
* 1 tbs coarsely broken cumin
* 1 barrel of Fullers “London Pride”

## OK, off we go

1. Prepare the aromatics.
2. Wash the limes (or lemons) and dry thoroughly. Then cut them up into halves, quarters or wedges.
3. Spread your fruit onto a large platter and dust with salt, garlic, mustard, ginger and fenugreek.
4. Heat the oil until it begins to smoke and then keep it warm on a very low heat for ten minutes. And now leave it to cool
5. Put the fruit with the seasoning into a massive pickle jar, add the cumin and cover with the oil.
6. leave for six days or so in a warm, dry place – Cover the jar during the day with a muslin cloth, and at night use the lid.
7. Stir once or twice a day
8. Can be eaten after a week. But, it’s better left for a fortnight or so.

Best eaten after a long cold dive.