‘OK’ Online – 1st Birthday!


The OK newsletter web-site has been up and running for a year now (replacing the old paper/pdf version) so I thought it’s worth taking a bit of time out to consider what has been achieved to date and where we might go from here.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday tooooo yooou…

## Articles, articles!

There are currently 135 unique articles posted on the site, some stuff have been added and subsequently removed (sale items etc.) – I would like to thank anyone who has contributed over the year — thank you! I for one appreciate that takes time and effort to make a contribution, but I believe that an informative and well supported site such as this is worth the investment, as it pays dividends in both member participation and satisfaction — The effectiveness of a volunteer organisation like Kingston & Elmbridge Sub-Aqua Club depends on communication!

So, as the season gets underway please think about jotting down some words (on a computer please, not paper) — articles don’t have to be Shakespeare, they just have to be interesting to at least one other member.

* __The committee:__ We need updates and information pertinent to all committee positions and actions
* __Trainees:__ Tell us about your experiences, funny stories, something important that you have learned etc.
* __Recreational Divers:__ experiences, good information, equipment configuration etc.
* __Technical Divers:__ You guys have done and are doing amazing stuff — tell us about it.
* __Dive marshals:__ Upcoming trips, vague ideas about future expeditions etc.
* __Members:__ Suggestions, questions and anything of interest to the membership.

## 6,969 visitors in the past year!

Bear in mind that this newsletter site is currently merely an annex to the main club web-site (the latter benefiting from inbound links from the BS-AC site and referenced in leaflets etc.) But, I am proud to be able to tell you that we have had 6,968 unique visits this year.

Now, once you subtract the visitor spikes that are accounted by my sending out an email to alert members to new articles, this still leaves around 4,000 or so unique visits — not too shabby!

## The way forward.

A good club web-site also serves as a meeting reminder, a calendar of coming events, and an announcer of club and committee actions and plans. In doing all this it would also serve as a permanent record of the club’s history and the lives of its members — Importantly, it also recognise individual member contributions to the club’s success.

In the future, I hope to be working with Alex Morris (chairman) and the committee to map out the future for our club’s web-sites, and to gain more involvement from individual committee members. So, if anyone has any ideas as to what we might want to include please pass them to either Alex or myself for consideration.

On this note, I would like to bring to everyone’s attention the sterling work that was done by Mark Kendal in the construction of the main club web-site. He is no longer a member, but the work he did in putting together the club database and web-site should be recognised as a considerable undertaking and worthy of all our appreciation — Cheers Mark.