Regarding membership direct debit provision

I have received enquiries regarding direct debit provisions by the Club and BSAC — This article outlines the situation for members.

The situation with BSAC is that they will take their fees in “one payment” on 15th March.

For our members to pay this way they should have completed the direct debit instruction on last years form — It is too late therefore for anyone to pay their BSAC fees by direct debit this year, they can however complete the instruction on this years form and on 15 March next year BSAC will take it in one payment from their accounts.

As BSAC take the payment in one go (it is not spread over several months) on 15 March, members can not gain from the benefits of several payments. For this reason the Club is unable to offer direct debit for one or more payments.

We had this query last year or the year before. Club policy is one payment. Please bring cheque books to the Club