Bangers get mashed!

The latest event in our very busy social calendar saw a group of members rubbernecking at car crashes down in SW17 — A very enjoyable evening!


Chris Chappell & Family, Kevin Morgan, Steve Ilsley & mate, Shirley & Brian Deluce, Mark Stubbs & his young son and myself all met up up on Sunday 1st April down at Wimbledon Stadium. This is Britain’s finest oval racing stadium boasting excellent facilities. The track is a 390 yard tarmac track with steel cable fencing. This was the World Figure of Eight championship meeting and it attracted the best turn out of cars in recent years with in excess of 60 cars present including drivers present from Autospeed, Fleet, Incarace, Layhems, RDC, Skegness and Standlake. The facilities at Wimbledon Stadium include an 8000 capacity heated, glass fronted grandstand. Ample concrete viewing close to the track. The are numerous bars (with very long queue’s…) and catering facilities to choose from along with toilets, including disabled access. It was a really enjoyable evening, there were 12 races in all, including the Figure of 8 World Final and the Destruction Derby — where the last car actually moving is the winner… and believe it or not the winner was an ex London Taxi!


The winner of the F8 World Figure of 8 Final was Jack Overy in Car 617 pictured here:


As well as the Banger racing, there was the excellent Hotrod racing, which is supposed to be non contact, and stockcar racing with cars much better maintained and prepared than the bangers and alot faster — and the Banger racing itself was hilarious with some of the massive pile-up’s looking like a bad day on the M25… The Banger race’s all started the first lap being led by the parade car to the tune of “Mouldy Old Dough”, the parade car shot off and the carnage commenced!

Throughout the evening we had quite a bit of fun to go with the thrills & spills of the racing and smash-ups. Chris Chappell bought me a beer and I bought him a cup of coffee in return — because the bar Queue was so big ;o) Brian spent half his evening queueing for beer & hotdogs, and Steve was more interested in the girls on the back of the parade car — well, one of them did threaten to flash her boobs to the crowd!


Then there was the Munster family in front of us with about two dozen kids trying to put each other in the wheely bin. Groan…

It was a good night — I’d certainly arrange another one – it was a shame so few members turned up, those who did turn up enjoyed themselves. What else is there to do on a Sunday evening?


Keep your eyes open for the next social event — I repeat, it is the best way for you to get to know us and to integrate into the club. The next two events are close together, on Saturday 12th May back to Wimbledon Stadium for an evening of Greyhound Racing, and on Monday 14th May for a Greek meal night — closely followed by the Epsom Derby event on Saturday 2nd June and the London to Brighton bike ride in aid of the RNLI on Sunday 16th June – all these events will be going up on the noticeboard real soon. So get your name down, come and have fun with us and enhance your social life.