Brighten up your diving

Most would agree that the torch is a very important piece of diving equipment so I was thinking of brightening up a Thursday evening in a couple of weeks time by running a torch comparison event.

There are literally hundreds of torches on the market and we have all read reviews but I doubt if we have chance to compare many torches at the same time.

I would bet the closest comparison we have had is when our buddy whips out their new shiny laser like searchlight and makes our dim old trusty model look a bit inadequate – it happened to me!

I’m looking for volunteers to bring along their fully charged torches so we can compare the different attributes ‘live’ so to speak and discuss advantages, disadvantages, etc.

In particular, I would like to compare weight, handling, burn time, recharge time, stowage and cost etc for different types of torch e.g.

* hand held v umbilical,
* lantern v narrow beam
* single and dual bulb, high and low output
* LED, Xenon, HID and and good old Tungsten (John Fowles and Trish Emery have very exotic torches so we need to bully them into bring theirs along)

If you would like to be involved, please let me know