Plymouth weekend in under 320 words.

The trip was our annual 3-day Plymouth excursion. Previously it was called ‘The Bovey weekend’, ‘Novice weekend’, or ‘Club weekend’. Not sure what it’s called these days, but it’s always a good trip with some of the older members getting to know the newer ones, both socially and also as divers.

Early start as usual, to make the most of the bank holiday weekend.

For some it was their first UK sea dive (Jim Molyneux and Tamsin), others gained experience of UK diving (Mike Ford and Mark Cockram) and for others simply their first sea dives for this season. This meant that there were some very interesting kit omisions and diving adventures.

The usual forgotten weight belts, computers, fast accents, feet first exits, line entanglements, lost buddies, underweight problems on surface, untied sets on boat, neck and wrist seals damaged, etc. – a normal K&E weekend with no one hurt.

The two boats used were ‘Maggie May 2’ and ‘Seeker’, both benefited from toilets and lifts (how did we struggle up some of those dodgy old ladders in the past?) and both had very good, helpful skippers.

We were very lucky with the weather as the rest of the country was washed out with high winds. We managed to get six dives in with northerly winds off the coast helping. Two dives on the ‘James Egan Layne’ (always a good dive), one on the ‘Scylla’ and then a trip out to ‘Hands Deep’.

In the evenings there was the usual abstinence from drinking (no party room) and late nights out in the Up-market Plymouth pubs, with a very quiet night in the ‘Ganges Indian Restaurant’ on the Saturday – followed up by a early exit to bed.

On the Sunday evening everybody enjoyed a dose of possible food poisoning in the Mountbatten Hotel – all survived.

Thanks again to Brian DeLuce and John Rapley for organising the weekend.