Best of British diving DVD [Updated]


The British Sub-Aqua Club has launched a brand new DVD to showcase the very best in diving in the UK.

UPDATE — We have the DVD and committee will be organising a showing soon!

Produced by BBC journalist and underwater cameraman John McIntyre, Go Diving UK features amazing footage of Britain’s diverse underwater heritage.

From wrecks in Scotland to basking sharks in Cornwall, the DVD reportedly highlights the varied diving experience that’s on offer in the UK and will inspire divers of all levels to make the most of our own unique shores.

I think this DVD would be a fantastic introduction to diving in the UK for our new members.

Chapters of the Go Diving UK DVD are devoted to subjects such as the wrecks of Scapa Flow and diving with seals. Bonus features include the oldest underwater footage of diving with BSAC in the very early days, a full-length BBC report on Plymouth wreck HMS Scylla, and photography tips from Dive magazine’s Charles Hood.