Exclusive new Life Assurance offer for BSAC members

BSAC has launched a brand new discounted Life Assurance deal, in association with Standard Life, exclusively for its members — This may well be worth looking into.

The offer is in response to concerns about the additional fees that are often added to life cover for active divers (Sarah and myself have been burned on this score) . With many divers paying additional fees their Life Assurance for participating in the sport.

The deal is the latest addition to the fantastic range of benefits and discounts currently available to all BSAC members.

Depending on their training, experience and the nature of their diving activity and depths, our Discounted Life Assurance offer means that Standard Life can provide BSAC members with competitive rates for their life cover. In many cases, qualified divers will be accepted at standard rates for their life cover under the BSAC/Standard Life scheme.

Mary Tetley, BSAC operations manager, believes this new discounted Life Assurance deal represents fantastic value for BSAC members.

“The competitive rates offered by this deal underpins BSAC’s commitment to getting the very best value for all our members. We continually strive to develop and improve the full range of our membership benefits to support our members to get the very best out of their diving experience.”

For more information visit www.bsac.org and choose the link ‘Discounted Life Assurance for Divers’ where you will also find an application form and a questionnaire. If you would like to talk to someone about the policy, please call 01352 710369 or email [email protected] (There is no charge and you will not be placed under any obligation)

To find out more about how you can join BSAC and take advantage of our wide range of membership benefits,click here.