Lost in Vobster

The water was a chilly 8 degrees, and quite clear (to begin with). In between showers we had some sunshine and most of us managed to keep warm.

I must first apologise to Chris for the delay in sending out this update — It’s not an indication of how much we enjoyed the day, it was a really productive day for all involved, albeit a very early start for Josh!

I think an impressive drill list was completed:

* John Parish — DO5
* Jim Molyneux — SO3 and SP1
* Tony Lodder SO3
* Roger Fairhurst — DO2 and DO3
* Josh Parker — OO3
* Julie Neuhoff — SO5, SO4 and SO3

Jo did an exceptional job of teaching me how to use a compass.

I was swimming along gayly, following the bank on my left and watching my direction, when all of a sudden there was no bank on the left! I corrected my navigation a bit, and a minute or so later there was still no bank on my left! “Don’t panic” I tell myself, and I correct my direction some more. A minute later… there still was no bank on my left! So, I turn to Jo and casually indicate that I suspect we may be swimming in cicrles and that we maybe lost never to be found! Jo, with expert skills, took over and got us right back to the bank with expert efficiency!

On the surface Jo and Chris gave me some valuable advice on how to plot directions on a slate so that I can re-calculate where I am, where I want to go, and never get lost again, ah-hem!

Thanks to our instructors, Jo, Jonathan, Richard, Chris. I am sure there was someone else, sorry if I’ve forgotten you.

Chris, special thanks on behalf of all of us for organising the day and getting us closer to our respective qualifications, we follow in your foot prints.