A Blue Turtle and a Thunderball on The Cob.


Still jet-lagged from the red sea and after a quick change of kit, I set off early on Friday morning to Lyme Regis with nine out of the twelve on the Blue Turtle (Dougie’s boat) also from the red sea trip along to sample the delights of british diving again…

Forecast was bad, as usual, – the recent success rate of south coast diving not boding well. When we got there it was bright but very windy so we went off to the local pub with fingers crossed for Saturday. As usual people were arriving throuhout the day and most of us ended up in the local curry shop that night, then back to another hosteliery to meet the late comers.

In the morning the skipper gave us the option of a very choppy twelve mile trip out to the Moydark or hug the cliffs and do the Heroine, with it’s very large congers and hundreds of bricks, the heroine won easily.

Not that some of our group saw the congers anyway, one because he forgot his fins and then bought more and then lost them on the cob (candidate for the wooden spoon) and the others followed the dive organiser and dive marshall and missed the wreck even though the shot was on top of it, glasses anybody ?

After dougie’s onboard lunch we had the afternoon dive on the Bogatano, with cynthia celebrating her 300th dive. On both dives there was 4 to 5 metres of vis. and lots of fishlife.

We then adjorned to the Cob for a dive debrief with several beers and few chips and ice creams in glorous sunshine, before getting ready for the regular saturday night group meal, followed by a few local dodgy pubs.

Sunday morning brought a very grey day, with showers, cold and wind (found memories of the red sea). But most of us still went out to do the Dunsten wreck and drift the east tennants reef, with deterating vis. and poor ambient light.

We then returned to lyme harbour to encounter a thunderball which is a “mixture of varying thermals and very odd tides” according to Dougie the skipper, which can empty and fill the harbour in seconds and spin boats around like tops. It was quiet a experience to unload the dive boat in these conditions,with it trying to pull away from the wall all the time.

Another K&E weekend over and just as good as the Red Sea in it’s own way, I’m told ?