Weymouth Sea Trout with Avocado Ceviche (Serves 4)

On opening my cupboard the other day and finding that I only had a couple of 4-packs of beer, some odd looking fruit, and a lonely looking fillet of sea trout I was initially disappointed.

That was until after I remembered this old recipe (and opened a can of London Pride)…

## Ingredients

* 8 x Pints of Fullers London Pride or E.S.B.
* 1 x Fresh Fillet of Sea Trout
* Juice of 1 Lime
* 2 x Avocados
* Salt & Pepper
* Olive Oil

## Method

* Have a slurp of London Pride or E.S.B.
* Cut the Sea Trout fillet horizontally into 4 very thin slices and marinade in the Lime juice for 5 minutes
* Peel and dice the Avocados
* Remove the Sea Trout fillet from the Lime juice, mix with Avocados and season with Salt and Pepper
* Finish with a drizzle of Olive Oil and serve immediately
* Finish drinking the London Pride or E.S.P.