Chatham Dockyard & Ropery visit

Next Sunday we have another social event – this time it is the visit to Chatham Dockyard & Ropery.

There are 3 historic warships to visit, HMS CAVALIER, HMS GANNET & HMS OCELOT(sub), the Historic Dockyard itself, the Dockyard Museum, the Ropery & more.

A small group of members already have their name on the list, but if there are any others then you are most welcome to join us. Please see the list on the noticeboard and liase with each other for car-sharing etc.As I am visiting family in Kent (just 20 minutes from Chatham), then I will meet you all outside the Visitor entrance to the Historic Dockyard at 09:45. We will go inside at 10:00.

Please ring me if you are going to be late, or not on the list and decide to join us on the day.

cheers – for those coming see you at 10am next Sunday in Chatham


07843 529187