Divers, on your bike!

A friend of mine is into cycling and when he heard that many K&E members are playing around on two wheels these days he suggested a ride out with his club – Velo Club Godalming & Haslemere.

They cycle both off-road and on-road, often at “recreational plus” pace, and even on midweek evenings with strong lights (for extra off-road fun).

Rides usually begin and end at Godalming station although Haslemere station is also used (both offer free off-peak parking).

For more details, register on their website at www.vcgh.co.uk and see what’s coming up that might interest you, either on their calendar (right-hand side of their home page) or under the “rides and events” topic in their forums.

Registering means you’ll also be able to opt into their weekly email detailing the rides for the weekend ahead (rides which may not be listed as a “calendar event”).

**If you do something with them, let me know how it went – Some of them might even want to go diving!**