Availability for the Brother Islands Holiday

Further to e-mails in the late Summer – There are still 13 or 14 places onboard our second vessel, the luxury dive vessel M/V TYPHOON.

We currently have only 6 members onboard Typhoon (we did have 7 but 1 dropped out)

This expedition departs on Saturday 28th June 2007 and the duration is 7 nights.
6 nights are spent on the vessel, with full board and 3 or 4 dives each day, with air and
tanks included.

The Brother Islands are situated in the middle of the Red Sea in between Egypt and
Saudi Arabia and Sharks are virtually guaranteed. It is some of the most unspoilt and
spectacular diving to be found anywhere in the world. This trip is suitable for experienced
Sport divers (or equivalent) who have completed 50+ dives.

On our recent trip back in June on these two vessels (Whirlwind & Typhoon), we had 20 onboard Whirlwind
and 9 onboard Typhoon – both vessels travel and moor up near each other, dive the same itinery – and
socialise in the evenings together – it worked really well. The last night is spent together in the same hotel in Sharm El Sheikh.

Please get in touch with John Rapley if you are interested.