Buoyancy standards

From the Diving Officer’s Conference:

There is a concern that, at a number of diver levels, the training of divers in buoyancy control could be improved.

We are proposing consistent standards to be added to all areas of diver training and a ‘Buoyancy Workshop’ is to be inserted into the Diver Training Programme. This workshop will be available as a ‘stand alone’ in the first quarter of 2008.

The buoyancy standards will be to integrate consistent standards in all training materials as follows:

+/- 3 metres – unacceptable

+/- 2 metres – beginner

+/- 1 metres – Sports Diver/ Assistant Instructor standard

+/- .5 metres – Dive Leader, technical standard, Instructor standard

+/- .3 metres – “Ideal” /Advanced/ Advanced Technical and Instructor standard. First Class: maintained even when achieving other tasks.)

The recommendation is that you should be able to maintain decompression stops to within +/- .5 metre and that with each change of personal diving kit you make you should verify that you can still maintain your decompression stops within these limits.

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