Christmas Carrot Wine

Forget this Christmas, think three years ahead when this newsletter might be called “Dining with Dunster” and this wine might be ready if you get cracking now and peel some carrots.

So, without further ado, and with no pretence of relating this to diving whatsoever…

## Needs

* 450g of carrots
* 2 x oranges
* 2 x lemons
* 1.8kg sugar
* 300g of chopped raisin
* 450g clean wheat
* 25g yeast
* 4.5 litres of water
* 1 x box of Christamas crackers

## Do

1. Wash and chop the carrots – don’t peel them though. Then boil them in the water until tender.

2. Strain

3. Slice oranges and lemons and put in bowl

4. Pour on the carrot liquid

5. Add sugar and stir ’till disolved

6. Stand to cool, add raisins and wheat

7. Add a sprinkle of yeast

8. Leave in bowl for two weeks!

9. Strain whatever is in the bowl into a demijohn and let it ferment out.

You can drink it at 12 months, but 2-3 years is magic.

When you do, pull your (three year old) Christmas crackers, put on a silly hat, and read a joke.

Finally, drink your carrot wine!