DiverSE 08 – 10 February 2008


## Grand prize draw

Star prizes include full set of equipment kindly donated by Scubapro Uwatec worth over £1000 & Canon Ixus 960IS with housing worth over £450 donated by Cameras Underwater

## This years presentations include…

* Ace wreck hunter Rex Cowan talks about treasure, shipwrecks and politics regaling tales of his search for treasure laden wrecks from the 17th & 18th century
* Mark Strickland tells how you can dive with a purpose and help with reef conservation
* Martin Dean explains how he has used the latest technology to produce stunning 3D images of some of our most interesting wrecks
* Discover the delights of diving some of the little known wrecks of Southern France
* The crew of Coastguard helicopter India-Juliet give an insight into some the highs and lows of their, at times, treacherous work
* Dr Oliver Firth gives advice on diving medicine and ailments while abroad
* Record holding Free Diver Marcus Greatwood gives tips on breathing techniques to help make the most of your gas supply
* Jeff Cornish tells the warts and all tale of his expedition to the 155m wreck of the Carpathia

## Full details and booking:

* [www.bsac-se.org.uk](http://www.bsac-se.org.uk/)
* For further info phone: 07976 749607