Lock and load with Kingston & Elmbridge

On a rather wet, muddy, cold and windy day at the beginning of December, some K&E members decided to have a game of shoot ‘em up at the Campaign Paintball Park near Cobham.


We had a total of 8 games all with names of Chemical Alley, D Day, Dodge City and the Ridge. We split into two team, the Pinks and the Blues. Trying to pick my team carefully and hopefully sticking with the boys would mean that I would be on the winning side! I should have paid more attention to the fact that Paul Sutton had all his own army greens and was well prepared with everything apart from camouflage paint.

All dressed up in our overalls, hats, gloves and a full face mask we were off to collect our paint pellets and guns. After a few moments of practice in the shooting range, we were ready for ‘The Ridge’. This is my first experience of paint balling and, if I’m honest, I was all a bit flossy and girlie in the first game. Not wanting to get too muddy or too wet. Then I got shot and was out, this quickly changed my ideas for the following games.

Game 2, that was it, I wanted that flag. So doing my best commando moves, I managed to sneak up to the bridge, reached my hand up, grabbed the flag and promptly got shot in the armpit. Making a school girl error, I stood up and was promptly shot in the side of the head, so shouted some expletive and stomped off to the dead zone.

The rest of the games went along the same lines, the Blues were the superior team in the first few games and we were ahead by 20 points. Then Paul, the Pink Phantom, came into he’s own and single handily took down the Blues by steeling our flags in Dodge City. After 4 games, it was time for a burger, a cup of tea and to empty our purses to buy another 500 paint balls.

The afternoon held in store pretty much the same, The Blues started well, and then Paul came along and nicked the flags thus scoring the points for the Pinks… a pattern was forming.

The afternoons events also bought, one of Dave’s team members shooting him in the rear at point blank range, the sole of Amanda’s shoe falling off which she likened to having ‘trench foot’, Sandra’s hand swelling up like a blown up washing up glove as she was shot in the hand several times and some one walking off with Gren’s gloves.

So after a day of being in the rain, wet through, covered in mud, the Pinks triumphant, the Blue sulking and Esma’s band new Caterpillar shoes well and truly covered in mud, it was time to adjourn to the pub.
Off the Black Swan pub for a de-brief on the day and a well earned glass of wine.

Thanks to Steve for arranging a fun day and whilst I was prepared for the pain on the Sunday, the following two days I was not prepared for!

The Pinks….Sandra A, Esma, Sarah, Paul, Paul’s mate (?!), Gren and Rob.
The Blues…Kevan, Nick, Chris H, Mark C, Steve, Dave, Amanda and Me

Sorry if I’ve missed any one out!

Well done the Pinks…

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