Sea Egg Dip

Fed up with coming into contact with sea urchins and having the problem of getting the spines out? Here is the solution – eat the buggers!

## Needs

* 1 x small barrel of Fuller’s E.S.B
* 1/2 cup of sea urchin roes
* 1/2 cup sour cream, soft cheese, mayonnaise or a combination of all three
* Garlic salt
* Minced onion
* Any of your favourite seasons
* 1 x French stick or crisps

## Do

First, have a quick slurp of Fuller’s E.S.B. then:

Put the sour cream (or whatever) into a blender and add the sea urchin roes until you have a definite flavour. Add the garlic salt, minced onion and seasoning. Decorate with parsley or similar for appearance. Serve with French stick or crisps.

Finish the Fuller’s E.S.B.