Trip to La Coupole, St Omer, France


25th & 26th October 2008

See Staying in Hotel Les Frangins, in the centre of St Omer.

La Coupole is a gigantic underground bunker designed by the Nazis in WW2 to store and launch the V2 rockets, the secret weapon that Hitler was counting on to reverse the course of the war.  It is now a fascinating and informative museum expanding on the theme of German occupation, with underground tunnels as they were in 1944.  The link between the V2 technology and the various early stages of the conquest of space is also explained.

Travel by individual cars.  Eurotunnel will be £64 return for a car (any number of passengers) departing between 8 & 9 am and returning 6 – 7 pm.  St Omer is about 40 km from the tunnel.  La Coupole itself is a short drive, about 5 k from the centre of St Omer.

Evening meal on Saturday in the “micro brewery” just a 2 minute walk from the hotel, As the large brewery of St Omer is now closed to the general public for tours this “micro brewery” restaurant is a good compromise.