The weekend that nearly never was!

For three years now, I have been trying to dive out of Exmouth. The first year, we were blown out one day, the second year, managed to dive but the viz was terrible and finally this year, well, I was hoping for third time lucky, especially as we have had some great weather and viz the previous weekends….

##First there were twelve
During the week, the weather looked bad but hopefully tailing off on Friday. Fingers crossed! With regular conversations with the skipper, we thought we may be lucky and headed down to Devon to chance our luck!

Note to self… Don’t book a dive weekend on the Summer Solstice weekend, especially when you need to travel past Stonehenge!

##Then there were nine
With three drop outs by the Friday, we were down to a nine divers.

Saturday morning we met the skipper, he advised the wind didn’t drop overnight so we were still force seven with no shelter.

Some boat in Lyme Regis was going out, but from the look on our skippers face, it didn’t sound like a wise idea! His advice was to bin it and go the café for a large breakfast. So bin it we did, however, we had fought our way down the A303, past the hippies, caravans and other strangely dressed people to go diving, and that’s what we were going to do!

##And, then there were six
It was decided that a shore dive was the order of the day. We lost another three divers, two because their trimix fill would not really be suitable for a ten meter shore dive and another hoping to accrue more brownie points for future weekends!

Happy to be diving: Rob Lea & Gren Hamlyn

So twelve became six, and off to Brixham breakwater we went.

When we arrived, we were met with flat calm seas and a small pebble shore line. Most of us donned our twin sets and dived in, after an hour later, we popped up with stories of cuttlefish, lemon fish (Gren – ??), squat lobsters and other small critters, and we even managed a bag of scallops! John and Rob were now tired of being shore cover, had eaten a whole bucket of flap jacks waiting, were chomping at the bit to dive. An hour later, they too popped up, the weather had held and we had some seaside pasties and chips, so actually the day didn’t turn out too bad!

Saturday night saw the hardy six head off to the Mafia Italian for some good food, red wine and some of John’s student medical stories. Which the entire restaurant was happy to hear about too!

##Off to “Mushroom Rock””
Sunday saw a late breakfast and the talk of another shore dive, the weather was sunny but still very windy. It was decided to head off to Babbacoombe bay and after a rather scary car journey to the car park, we arrived, kitted-up in the twin sets again and we were in search of Mushroom Rock.

Sarah was shore cover owing to the fact that her dry suit turned into a wet suit the previous day, and she was more than happy with a cup of tea and a clipboard.

In we plunged and were met with more of the same as previous day, but we never did find Mushroom Rock.

Back on shore, kit all packed up, it was time for tea, sandwiches and ice creams with a walk along the cliff to the waterfall, things couldn’t be better for a weekend that was looking written off!

Thanks to Sarah and Gren Hamlyn, Rob Lea, John Parish, Dave T for an enjoyable weekend.