Can you help promote our club?

Do you have a notice-board at work? Do you know anyone that might be interested in giving diving a try for the first-time?

If so, you might be able to help the club attract new members.

The marketing sub-committee have put together a couple of posters suitable for that pin-board and we have loads of pre-printed reply postcards and have put together an attractive “Try-Dive” offer for people that want to do more than just “dip a toe in the water”…


You can download “Come Scuba Diving” posters suitable to print-out:

* Version 1 – wreck image (.jpg)
* Version 2 – lion-fish image (.jpg)

##Reply postcards

Just ask any committee member for a handful, or just take them from the bar.

##Try Dive voucher

The voucher entitles the bearer to arrange a one-hour try-dive for £15

* Download voucher (.pdf)

##Do you contribute to online blogs or forums?

If you post to online communities and social networks and the like please consider including a link to this website as a footnote. You can often use html like this:

<a href=””>Member of Kingston and Elmbridge Scuba Diving Club</a>

##Anything else?

If you can think of any other avenues that you think we should explore to get the word out about our club, please suggest it to a committee member.