Nitrox blending application

If like me you occupy the thin sliver of the Venn Diagram occupied by scuba divers and iPhone owners, then you might be interested in “Nitrox Tools” a downloadable gas blending application I’ve been mucking about with.

For £3.49 the program enables easy calculations of the basic formulas for Nitrox blending by topping up an existing mix (or an empty tank) and bleeding down an existing cylinder and topping with air or an available mix to make a lower percentage mix.

Simple calculators are also provided to calculate Equivalent Air Depth (EAD), Maximum Depth for various partial pressures of oxygen and the “Best Mix” for a given planned depth and oxygen partial pressure.

I found it easy-to-use and although it does nothing that can’t be done with pencil, paper and some tables. I have to say, it’s pretty damn nifty.

There is also a web-based version (FREE) of the application that works in a similar way that will work with any up-to-date browser, but you obviously need to be connected the internet to use it.

> Play with the web application

Now, if only there was a version of Pro-planner that was as easy to use…

Please note: these applications are not substitutes for proper training and should not be used as a substitute for proper dive planning or the primary Nitrox blending and planning methods taught during training. Please do not attempt to handle high pressure oxygen or fill SCUBA cylinders without proper training.