Phenomenal RIB dives continue

Yet again the South Coast and the Club Boat have come up trumps.

A group of six headed out of Newhaven on 27th July. Having gained some numbers for a new site from a friendly local BSAC branch, we headed out to The Braunton. She sits in 35m of water 10 miles out from Newhaven. The fish life, the wreck and the visibility were truly astonishing. Although those who are now regularly diving with the branch out of Newhaven are becoming used to the fantastic conditions we keep getting.

We had 15m of visibility with huge shoals of a variety of fish, with lobsters and crabs galore. The wrecks engine was upright, exposed and easily identifiable, the cargo of ammunition remained mostly intact and the massive boilers fantastic to swim round. A little penetration under the listing stern also revealed the top of the prop. This dive put the wrecks of Norway to shame.

The second dive, a drift landed a couple of nice plaice for the grill. The sun was out and the wind was slight, another fantastic day for the few who want to organise and come RIB diving.