Another year, another “fantastic” Farnes!


Bigger and better every year.

After a bad year for blown-out club diving we were again very lucky to get three full days’ diving in for 32 divers in fairly good conditions and with reasonable visibility!

This year we had 49 people on the trip, including James Holt (4 months old – our youngest member!). 32 were diving off our two hard boats out of Seahouses in Northumberland, not far from Scotland. We stayed in 8 luxury caravans at a award winning site with all amenities including swimming pool and health suite.

Everybody made their way up there on the Friday ready for diving on the Saturday, Sunday and Bank holiday Monday. There were more than enough seals to go round for both boats and everybody saw them underwater, with some having some very close encounters! (including myself, when the seal tried to pull my computer strap off my arm). There were many such stories, too many to re-count accurately, we all have our fond memories of the seals when they are as playful as they were this year.

Both boats were well marshalled by Jim and Sandra on Glad tidings III and Chris Knight and Jemil on Glad Tidings IV and the Tanks were well sorted out again by Gren Hamlyn and Chris James Roll.

We had two organised meals on the Saturday and Monday at the Lodge restaurant and they served us well and made us feel very welcome – not easy for that amount of people. And, we managed to squeeze in a BBQ on the Sunday evening just before the rain came down, very lucky.

Thanks again for all that helped with the BBQ, the Cooks Jim and Jemil, with the preparation Audrey, Mary and Cynthia, and the purchasing of Helen. And most importantly of all my caravan goddess’s, Jill Wilson, Jackie, Mary, Shirley, Sandra, Helen, Bobby and Julia G., who kept all the people fed in the caravans and supplied packed lunches on the boat.

There was the usual caravan visiting for drinks etc. with the inevitable late night drinking caravan – must have a word with that goddess, she should show more control.
Fourteen of us stayed for the rest of the week to see some of the local attractions, including a great day out in Edinburgh, and to use the good facilities of the camp site.

There is a fantastic beach outside the camp stretching for two miles up to Bamburgh Castle with deep sand dunes and very few people on it even when the sun shines. This is the sixth time for me up in Seahouses and I’ve enjoyed each one, the local people, pubs, area, atmosphere, diving, all is good especially when we get the weather.

Thanks again to everybody for all mucking in and helping, hope you all had a good time and looking forward another trip next year.