Two BSAC launches

BSAC has just rolled-out a new, consolidated, website and a course aimed at converting warm-water divers to the delights of UK diving.

###New website

BSAC has just launched a completely re-designed website.

New features include.

* The ability to check your membership details and to update them
* Opportunity to join as a web member
* Club, Centre and dive trip finder
* Improved search options
* Online shop with member discounts

We also have the ability to put our club and facilities on their map. We “just” need the longitude and latitude of the clubhouse!

###New “Dive UK” course

Designed for divers who have learnt to dive outside the UK, or as a refresher for anyone who has not dived for a while. This new course introduces the “spectacular attractions” and variety that UK diving has to offer as well as looking at the extra considerations needed, such as protective clothing, cold etc.

The course has a modular structure, allowing branches and Centres to deliver the sections relevant to the diver. All divers will bring existing skills with them, and some may have many years of diving experience, so this modular approach will give the instructor the flexibility to deliver only the relevant sections.

Visit the new site at: