Dive on the club RIBs in 2009

This year, we have made great use of the club RIBs – and next year we want to do even better!


###RIB’s are a club benefit and are available for all!

We want to make sure that all diving members get the opportunity to take advantage of this important membership benefit, so we are asking all members who might want to go diving on the club RIBs to add their name and details to the form posted to the clubhouse notice-board – this will help us plan next year’s diving programme.

###Key benefits of RIB diving:

* Beat the credit crunch – low cost diving! – And you lose no money if there is bad weather.
* Good for training / shallow dives – This is great for students and instructors alike.
* Expands diving skills and provides dive management experience.
* An exhilarating ride and fun to cox.
* Quick to get to sites and back – top speed approx 27 knotts!
* No (commercially driven) skipper issues
* Safe – full safety briefings given and equipment carried (including the club oxygen kit).
* Inclusive for all members – Creating good team spirit, get to know your fellow club members better.
* No overnight accommodation required – Single day diving easily achievable, home again the same day – ideal for those who have family commitments!
* Some of the best UK diving is on our doorstep – the RIB’s allow you to access them quickly & cheaply.
* Spontaneous trips possible.

Interested? Well add your name to the form posted on the club notice-board If you can’t get to the clubhouse, you can email any member of committee and they will add you name to the list.