Boat Handling SDC anyone?

Over thirty-five members have put their name down as being interested in diving on the club RIBs in 2009 – Which is great news!

To successfully run a full programme of RIB trips next year it would be beneficial for those members who are not yet qualified to drive the RIBs to consider undertaking the BSAC Boat Handling Skill Development Course (SDC).

The syllabus is available here

Providing that we have enough interest, I have arranged that a course can be run specifically for our club — possibly with theory lessons on a Thursday night and the practical day using our own RIBs out of Newhaven.

If the course is extremely popular then we could do the theory on a single day at the weekend.

The cost of the course is £31 registration (which includes a copy of a decent book) and around £35 for sundry costs on the practical day.

###So, check your diaries..

I suggest that we look at running the course on the weekend of the 24th/25th January.

Please could interested members get back to me with either:

a) Yes – These dates are good

b) No – These dates are bad, can you consider another weekend?

Click an answer above to e-mail me, or pop your name on the list on the club noticeboard.