Shakedown RIB diving

Jo has unfortunately ended her philanthropic ways when it comes to the Portland shakedown trip and has handed the baton to me!

So, will be putting a notice (first come first serve) on the club board tonight for this trip based on the following speculative details…

1. When: Arrive Friday 9th Jan, Depart Sunday 11th Jan.
2. Where: Portland (it has a harbour so hopefully won’t get blown out).
3. Who: Experienced open water divers with drysuits and the appropriate training (please talk to me if you are not sure whether you qualify).
4. How: Taking the club RIB (6 places + cox) and will book spillover places on a Fathom and Blues RIB ( (12 places).
5. Accommodation: The Bunker ( – Margaret isn’t skiing so you get a good fryup every morning!
6. Cost: Approximately £100 per person based on 2 days diving. I have added 10% contingency but any money left over will be refunded. I would like to take this money up-front (within the next few weeks) so as to minimise my financial exposure.
7. Ents: There is a good pub (I will book a night there) and a disco with pool table nearby.

It is expected to be cold and murky, but last year in January we saw some fish! To sell it some more, F&B have a shower thing outside their slipway so you can wash out your kit before brining it home 🙂

Oh, and if you have an issue loading or unloading cylinders from car boot spaces then please let me know so I can make special arrangements to ensure tail lights remain intact.