Learn to use the club compressor – Blend your own Nitrox at cost*!

Our clubhouse and facilities are host to the upcoming “Compessor Operation” and “Gas Blending” skill development courses. This is therefore an ideal opportunity for members to learn to fill and blend their breathing gas – using our own kit!

The courses are £35** and £40** respectively, and take place on the weekend of the 21st February.

If you would like to either or both of these courses drop me a line, or catch me at the clubhouse.

###Our club is host to around ten regional Skill Development Courses in 2009!

Skill Development Courses (SDC’s) are run by the BSAC South East Region, and provide the additional training that most clubs cannot provide “in house”. This year I have personally taken, and enjoyed, both the BSAC Extended Range Diver course and the Oxygen Administration course. The latter of which I would recommend to everyone – even as a refresher!

*To blend O2 you need to become a member of the Nitrox Group – Click for more information

**The course is run at cost for the benefit of BSAC members.