Anchor Chain Update

On May 22nd 2006 I posted an article entitled ‘Kingston BSAC lift 500+ kilo find!’ in which I re-told the story of the club divers who located and lifted 324ft (99m) of bronze anchor chain weighing 1,000 lbs (454kg) and an anchor made of manganese steel weighing 200 lbs (91kg) from a depth of 90ft (27.5m) from around the Eddystone lighthouse. This happened during the August Bank Holiday weekend in 1969. The chain was returned to the Royal Navy who confirmed that it had been lost from a wooden minesweeper.


While recounting this story I posed the following questions:

1. How was the chain lifted?

2. Did the divers ever receive compensation?

I was recently approached by one of the divers involved in its salvage, who showed me a section of the anchor chain (pictured) and provided answers to the questions.

1. They cut the anchor off and hauled the 1,000lb chain onto the boat

2. The Royal Navy gave them enough money to pay for the entire diving trip.

What about the anchor itself? Well somewhere in just 90 foot of water in Plymouth is a very nice 6 foot Bronze anchor – which would be worth a fortune. It would also be a dead-cert to win the ‘Jeff Betts Trophy’ for Best Presented Find.