Annual Club trip to Plymouth May 23-25

It’s time to sign up for the ‘not to be missed’ Annual Club trip to Plymouth.  We will be staying in the luxurious Mountbatten Hotel right next to the marina.  We have two great hardboats, The Maid Maggie2 skippered by Glen Lindsay and The Seeker by Steve Wright.

This is a terrific  bank holiday trip, it’s late in May so the weather will be nice and warm, you might even see a basking shark too – I did on my first Plymouth trip.  The diving is great and may  include the old favorites James Egan-Layne and or the Scylla and much more.  It’s a super social event too .

We have two boats so the numbers are limited to 24 divers but it is open to all grades, the list is on the board, so come on down the club and get your name down early to avoid disappointment.

Costs (to be confirmed) will Accommodation (including breakfast)  is about £75 per person and the diving about £112

If you have any questions, contact Chris Hunka