Boat handling training

Several members, myself included, had an exhilarating time at the weekend undertaking the practical part of the boat handling course – My thanks to Dave Tresidder for helping to put this together for the club.

It is my hope that the members who took advantage of this course will, over the year, take advantage of the extensive RIB diving schedule and get together to work on their practical skills.

Currently scheduled courses that would be good for people working towards their Diver Cox qualification are:

1. Chart work and position fixing, on the 18th of April 2009

2. Diver Cox preparation, on the 20th September 2009

3. There is even an outboard and boat maintenance course on the 7th March 2009

4. And, for people that missed out on the boat handling course and would like an opportunity, there is another course being run on the 16th May 2009

All these can be booked on the South-East Region website.