RIB diving this season

At the AGM there was a committment to increase the amount of RIB diving in the club, including the purchase of an additional RIB.  There has been a lot of activity recently to prepare for the coming season and I’m pleased to announce a fantastic program of an astonishing 54 dates starting on the 4th April until the close of season at the end of September. 
Now some detail

  • We anticipate two ribs for start of season (subject to selling of Kingston Diver and purchase of new RIB).
  • The diving is mainly based out of Newhaven but other venues will be considered
  • We have standardised the cost to £20 or £25 per day based on 6 divers on board,  depending on fuel costs subject to a minimum of 5 per boat (costs increase by £5 per diver). 
  • In case of oversubscription, people who have contributed to boat maintenance days will be given first refusal (within reason, qualification)
  • Trainees, crossovers or newly qualified Ocean divers are to be encouraged to get involved.
  • Dive trip rules apply with regard to payment – sign up + pay up.
  • RIBs can only be hired for diving related activities
  • Trips are dependent on the availability of qualified persons (Dive Manager, Diver Cox, someone to tow ).
  • A list will be published on the Club notice board in due course.
  • If you have any questions contact Chris Hunka, Ian Emery or Dave Tresidder. 

Let’s go diving!