South East Region SDC price drop

To help out with the current credit crunch, the South East Region have been able to reduce the cost of most of our 2009 SDCs in the South East region. Make the most of the cold winter weekends and build your skills on an SDC before the new diving season gets into full swing.

I will be in contact with those who have expressed an interest in these, upcoming events:

###Oxygen Administration – Saturday 7th February

Covers the use of Oxygen as a first aid measure in diving incidents. A must for everyone from Ocean Diver up. Covers a large part of the Dive Leader classroom syllabus. Also great as a refresher. BSAC now recommends annual refreshers on rescue skills.

###First Aid for Divers – Sunday 8th February

Covers how to deal with the various injuries likely in the diving environment. The skills learnt equally are invaluable in every day life. Equally a great refresher.

###Compressor Operations – Saturday 21st February

Learn how to safely operate a compressor to fill your cylinders

###Gas Blending – Sunday 22nd February

Learn how easy it is to safely blend your own Nitrox and Trimix, they ideal companion to Compressor Operations.

###Diver Cox’n Preparation – Sunday 22nd February

Polish up your boat handling skills in preparation for the Diver Cox’n Assessment.