Meet your Committee: Chris Hunka, Diving Officer


Chris is an old hand when it comes to the Committee having served twice before as Training Officer since joining the club back around 2001. At that time, Chris was fairly new to diving, starting in 2000.  Chris says that the DO role has been filled with several, highly respected experienced divers and that it will be daunting to fill their shoes. Having been closely associated with training over the last five years, Chris knows how important good technique (through continual training) is to diver safety so intends to work closely with Gren to vigorously promote training.

RIB Diving

Chris hopes to promote inclusive diving by encouraging new and less experienced members to sign up for day trips, especially out on the RIBs.


Chris dives as often as he can and cites The Tabarka, Scapa Flow and Brighton Pier as particularly memorable dives.

Chris is a regular down the club and will no doubt say hello if you’re a new face.